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What to write…what to write…what to write…

As I sit here trying to come up with something memorable for the first post of my new blog outlining my adventures as a newbie kids’ picture book writer, I’m already stuck in the mud. All I can see is a blinking cursor on a blank MacBook Pro screen mocking me.

So I guess the best way to kick this thing off is to spill the beans on why I’m even doing this. Since the birth of my twin girls, Jordyn and Zoie, my wife and I have been immersed in the world of kids lit for the past four years. I started with the authors I grew up with: Eric Carle, Richard Scary and Dr. Suess to name a few. As I got neck-deep, I began to find new and innovative titles from folks like Tom Lichtenheld, Amy Krause Rosenthal, Antoinette Portis, Oliver Jefferies and Marla Frazee. And that’s when I got hooked. I’d read them to my kids. I’d read them to their classmates. I’d read them solo to get fired up. So I signed up with SCBWI and started to monkey with a few ideas that have been rattling inside my noggin.  Which really means staring at that blinking cursor. A lot.

Storytime at Montessori of LInda Mar